Thursday, 30 September 2010

WWFW - Click me up before I go-go

Clearance section too traumatic for you?  Then welcome to my weekly wishdom of rock 'n' roll on up items at knock down prices.  I spent the last decade square-bashing at TK Maxx, so I've certainly earned my stripes as a bargainier.   

This week I have been stalking the 800+ sale items at and asked myself why these poor darlings have not been offered a good home, especially as it is practically 2 outfits for the usual price of one!

I would rob a blind, deaf OAP for any number of the below, maybe even sell my cat to Sharon Stone.

If looks could kill, these probably will.

Upper Crustafarian 
Wear with scrunched down 'Falke Striggings rib over the knee grey socks', not a catchy name but don't let that put you off.  £16 from
DvF leather jacket £488 (original price £1381)
Chloe accordian pleat shirt £680 (original price £1360)
DvF skinny trousers £88 (original price £290)
Lanvin grosgrain & knotted leather heels £368 (original price £740)
Ring from
Grand total £1624 - Saving £2147

Italian Rich Bitch

Ferrari red toenails, tucking in your shirt and looking down your nose are a must
Chloe raw linen blazer £448 (original price £898)
Yves the Saint Laurent ruffle blouse £198 (original price £690)
DvF junta mini skirt £158 (original price £319)
Azzedine Alaia fan cut-out platform heels £518 (original price £1038)
Marc Jacobs tortoiseshell sunglasses £98 (original price £215)
Grand total £1420 - Saving £1740

No Thunderbirds were harmed in the making of this post

Balenciaga patchwork jacket £655 (original price £1315)
Seneca Rising relaxed vest £38 (original price £88)
Helmut Lang cotton mix shorts £68 (original price £145)
Christian Louboutin straratata glitter sandals £458 (original price £675)
Balenciaga stingray belt £185 (original price £375)
Day Birger et Mikkelsen gold sequin friendship bracelet £9 (original price £18)
Grand total £1413 - Saving £1203

If you're suffering a bhd, or just have bad hair, a hat should be your nbf
Chloe rustic wool-mix jacket £598 (original price £1186)

 Current Elliot perfect shirt £108 (original price £285)

Chloe khaki skinny jeans £135 (original price £270)

Clements Ribeiro arrow stitch strappy heels £128 (original price £438)
American Vintage square scarf £28 (original price £58)

Anthonu Peto's straw hat £65 (original price £135)
Grand total £997 - Saving £1310

Shimmer me timbers
In the past day some inconsiderate (but obviously very stylish) shopper sabotaged this last outfit by stealing my, ahem, Sofias, platforms.  You ruined it for everyone.  I hope you're happy.  I bet you are, because you got yourself some good heels there.
MCQ by Alexander McQueen metallic blazer £428 (original price £875)

Stella McCartney silk charmeuse dress £518 (original price £1045)
Sofia Kokosalaki lace up platforms - vanished

Bex Rox sueded link necklace £68 (original price £140)
Grand total £1014 - Saving £1046 

Yo lady!  If you read this, buy the rest of the outfit!  I, ahem, you, not only deserve it, but I, ahem, you, need it.  Wear it for a bit and then just make sure you leave the lot neatly folded in acid free tissue in an unmarked brown paper bag in the bin outside Cafe Nero on Bond St, Brighton on 25th April 2011 at 9.30pm.  Don't tell anyone about this or you'll have to retreat faster than you can say Jock Stirrup.

If you, my dear partysans, are more forgiving and open minded than I, the YSL cage platform sandals, left, make a respectable alternative at £320 (original price £640)

Brian Atwood's embroidered lace-up peep-toe heels, right are shweet too, £359 (original price £898)

Legal disclaimer - glossary does not advocate the use of violence unless it's a bloody good dress or McQueen(ish)


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