Wednesday, 27 October 2010

PHOTO ESSAY - Pure puripuri narrative & soundtrack

not ghastly just ghostly
*creepy tree by david julian

* macabre portrait by pilar pollock

 listen: zombie-ites by transglobal underground feat the haunting voice of natacha atlas

you see, frogs aside, cats will eat you if you croak
* sam taylor-wood at gainsborough and whiting for another magazine issue 3

listen: lucy's sad by hrsta

chien andalou
*after anastasia barbieri puts malgosia bela in a cape, glen luchford shoots her

* katherine westerhout explores eastern state penitentiary philadelphia, built 1829 it is considered the world's first true penitentiary, al capone called it home

listen: tale from black by tunng

*karen elson by glen luchford for v mag; i would happily shave my eyebrows to look this good, but i already have a jack white of my very own

*smoking kills even closet clegg, skull with cigarette by mc escher

listen: mrs sadly no longer white's 2010 debut album 'the ghost who walks' track pretty babies should get you in the spirit

Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas
*still life with skull by dutch master evert collier (somewhere between 1630/50 and 1708)

*art far from brut by schizophrenic adolf wolfli (1864 - 1930) who's psychosis induced extreme horror vacui

listen: mysterons by portishead

wicked witch of the east platforms
*natasha obsessed, photography by stylist panos yiapanis & art direction ricardo tisci for muse

* notorious father perdurabo - the beastly libertine aleister crowley founder of thelema philosophy

listen: cry of the werewolf from the album scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires

kum koimb
* 1818 engraving by william miller 

* terry richardson = vampire

empire by bomb the bass - TPTB feed on the life of the pure heart (TUNE)

the craft

* craig mcdean shoots edward master(ennin)ful's 'the now smash of style' for vogue italia may 2009 with models Eniko Mihalik, Suzie Bird, Jourdan Dunn

*death and the girls by illustrator donya todd

listen: release the bats by birthday party

tableau vivant et voluptas mors
* salvador dali's 1951 voluptas mors shot by photographer extraordinaire philippe halsman

* modern day maverick patrick demarchelier captures catherine mcneil

listen: hail horror hail a trick or treat, depending on your taste, from japanese death metal band sigh

down the dark dark stairs
* another wolfli, who like a real life renfield obssessed in the confines of an asylum
his fantastical autobiography contains over 25,000 drawings, musical compositions, collages etc

* the original corpse bride 1935 james whale's bride of frankenstein

 listen: i walked with a zombie by wednesday 13

and the sun goeth down
*this sickly pale forest blue fabric by tinet elmgren ( is laden with symbolism; slugs are a manifestation of sin, a boar stands for courage and the death hawk moth is associated with evil and the supernatural

*tim walker & tim burton collaboration for harper's bazaar oct 2009 issue 
(model's cape and dress from Ralph Lauren Collection)

listen: jack's lament from burton's nightmare before christmas

spetim kawawar
* gustav klimt's judith with the head of holofernes

* william seldon & katie shillingford's atmospheric 'the tudors' for dazed

* boris vallejo conan-esque erotic warriors and sexy femme fatale monsters

listen: witch's promise by jethro tull

 major arcana
* steven klein and irina lazareanu

* the devil in tarot signifies abandon, unbridled desires, temptation and addiction

listen: sympathy for the devil by the rolling stones

still not convinced by the beauty of the dark side? i recommend a trip to the sedlec ossuary on 31st ...


Tany said...

Creepy, but love it!
Great job :)

dustbunnybee said...

Dude. Seriously. Lost for words. Can't grab an adjective - breathtaking. x