Tuesday, 2 November 2010

INTIMATIONS - Golden Balls

You may remember me hero worshipping a certain designer in Anoraknophobia - waist(less)land of style dystopia.  The post went something like:
Fact: I love ANYTHING Christophe Decarnin touches.  
Fiction: No, this dress is really real
Fashion: is Balmain
Verdict:  I love ANYTHING Christophe Decarnin touches.  Even a poo

It seems that my finger is more on the fashion pulse than appearances would currently suggest, what with me swigging wine in front of my inherited gargantuan 1999 Dell monitor, on my black veneer freecycle desk, next to a smelly cat toilet that I have neglected to change because this post is more important than the welfare of my feline, wearing a year old t-shirt that I still think of as new even though it has been through at least 52 60 degree washes.  Did I mention that a two year sleep hiatus has me verging on delirium?  Still, where safe-Converse-sporting fdb goes, the Louboutin-teetering fashion pack seem to follow (see; delusions of grandeur!).

Aside from my mention in September, Balmain's gold dresses have had a good innings, appearing on more covers than I have fingers on 1 hand (and the season is not even over yet, there are still a few top glossy December issues to come).  One of these magazines is Vague (that's Vogue to you, only jaded industry insiders like me are allowed to call it that).  Vaguely Indian went for the long length version of course, as did Espana, while Deutsch chose short.  I guess times are hard for non-emerging markets and every aspect of society must suffer cutbacks.

Vogue Espana

German Vogue's cover girl Abbey Lee shot by Mark Seliger
Indian Vogue dug up the original super mole for their 3rd anniversary issue and also booked Mark Seliger

 Germany's Zeit Magazin also shot the short dress.  Then there's Bazaar and my personal favourite mag from the lot '10' (who I had the chance to style for some years back, but declined, another super career decision of mine) didn't let me down and shot the sexy.  Now you really do know the long and the short of it!

Keeping it in the country with Claudia Schiffer
Natalia Vodianova knows how to grace on the cover of US Harper's Bazaar
Giampaolo Sgura immortalises Vogue Nippon's Anna Dello Russo doing it her way on the cover of 10
What you need to know is that there is a strict personal relations protocol to the lending of precious samples to magazines.  Naturally the Vogues and Elles of the world get precedence over many a rag when it comes to rags, including my old title.  In fact, we were often denied the pleasure of ever touching a certain sample because another (not even rival) mag had enforced exclusivity by keeping the said item hostage in their fashion cupboard and hence preventing anyone else from featuring it.  This scandalous yet cunning and successful tactic sends press offices round the bend as quite often there will be only ONE of these wretched samples in existence, operating under the illusion that fashion editors around the globe will play by the rules.  I imagine this dressnap strategy doesn't work if the item in demand is a £21,500 dress.  I wouldn't be surprised if this frock had its own security guards.  It probably even travelled business class around the world!  The short dress comes in at a humble £19,200.  You could perceive this as a bargain, but if you think about it the fabric/$ ratio is out of whack.

So who got first dibs?  Rumour has it that the gold rush started with a July cover.  Who's though?  Now either they were VERY important, or they just couldn't wait til the more fitting winter season to pay tribute to the designer with the midas touch.

Like many design houses, the cheapest slice of the cake on offer is perfume.   For all I know, Balmain's Ambre Gris eau de parfum may very well smell like cat's wee, but you can rest assured that it will be top notch eaurine from a pedigree, plus the bottle will be a treat for future archaeologists to dig up a 800 years from now (or in 5 years by some poor Ghanaian on a toxic dump courtesy of globalisation).
Post typetum: In an effort to ensure that my blog is not just pretty and pointless, I have done some reconnaissance for you and discovered that 75ml of Balmain's Ambre Gris on www.brownsfashion.com is £45.  If, however, you really want to push the boat out, you can chose to pay an extra £24 for the same thing at www.selfridges.com.  I think this is only a temporary booboo, so get in there quick!


sue goes to england said...

Hi Fleur, you fashionista, you! I had a dream last night that I was shopping in Chanel. The closest I'll every be, no doubt.

xo sue

Amy said...

What do you mean about samples being held hostage? Really made me laugh!