Monday, 6 December 2010

PHOTO ESSAY - There were wolves

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Play for post soundtrack

*  If you go down to the Russian woods today, you may find a nitpicking bear picnicking under one of these bizarre structures.  I'm no botanist, but even I know that's no native tree.  If you have any idea about what we're looking at here, please fill us in!

*  Atmospheric illustration by Gustaf Tenggren.  Nobody depicts gnarly trees and folkloric wood dwellers like the Swedes.  TrèsTroll!  He did a Robert Johnson eventually and  became art director on Walt Disney's first animated feature film: 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves', followed by 'Pinocchio' and 'Fantasia'.  

*  Love Rat Riding Hood was the original 'bone' collector.  Photo by Ruven Afanador for Italian Elle 2008 

*  Albrecht Dürer's exquisite portrait of his mother, stored in the 'shit-hot' section of my brain.  I think she is just beautiful, but then I am pisces.  The Grand Master lived to the ripe old age of 57 (1471-1528) and could draw better at 13 than I can at 32... not that I'm 32, it is just a number I picked from the ether. Of course I am 26, younger even.  In fact, Polanski might fancy me

*  Mudwig, as the name suggests, is an outdoorsy art type who considers the Antiques Roadshow integral to the start of his creative week (  I totally get that vibe from his work.  This one is called Little Red Riding's Hood.  Ahem

*  Wolves have been hunted for around 12,000 to 13,000 years, for sport as well as to protect lifestock and humans.  So even Neolithic man suffered from the God complex.  Or maybe a tribe of rudimentary Sharon Stone's ruled the fashion world then?  Remember kids: Man eats sheep, cow, horse, dog, frog, pig, goat, OK.  Wolf eats sheep, cow, horse, dog, frog, pig, goat, KO.

*  Artist Dennis McNett, putting the mythical back into skating gear and Barney's NY

*  Treehouse by Alain Laurens in the Rambouillet Forest onthe edge of Paris.  If perching is right up
your tree, check out his site

*  After the Hunt by William Michael Hartnett.  If you have something against ducks hanging around (maybe you prefer to see them diving for morsels of sunken bread on the innercity lake?), Bill also did a version with a bunny and some partridges.  I think Morrissey would really dig these

*  Grace Coddington gives LRRH a Vodianova Vogue-over for Sep 2009 issue.  Camera work by M&M, alas pig OTT

*  Here is a German stamp.  It's cute.  Enough said 

*  'Free Spirit Spheres' are constructed using sailboat tehnology.  It is essentially a tree kayak.  Without paddles.  Sounds dumb, but it's on my Christmas list.  Build your own or stay in one on Vancouver Island

*  This is my other half.  No, really, it's not far off.  He mops the floor with his beard while shuffling round our fly agaric aimlessly.

*  The wolf became extinct in England during the reign of Henry VII in the 15th Century.  The Scots made their stock last until the 1600 hundreds, while the last Irish wolf finally snuffed it in the 18th Century.

*  Keep on walking buster.  Karen Elson framed for looking to red hot by Tim Walker for Vague

*  Jackson Pollock's She-Wolf, 1943

Play for continuation of audio mise en scene
Play for continuation of audio mise en scene 

*  Only the 7 dwarves (Sarcy Khazi, Burlesque Yawny, I'm a Dinner Jacket, Gall-away, Dim-but-i-try Medvedev, Kim Jong Ill-in-the-head and Yo-so Fukada) or other fearless/numbskull perpetrators would dwell in this sweet Swedish abode.  Or Julian Assange of course

*  Victor & Rolf's sculptural dresses star in 'The Chainsaw Massacre', styled by Dazed Katie Shillingford, shot (you can almost see the smoke) by Josh Olins
*  Spanish photographer Rocio Montoya's interpretation with a basket full of Seville oranges

*  Chad Pitman, good name, good light

*  Amanda Seyfried of the highbrow Mama Mia and cerebral Veronica Mars, is the all new tease in the hood in the Red Riding Hood movie, out 2011.  Gary Oldman is in it too.  He must be the lycanthrope, such cunning casting, saving on the hair and make-up.  Photo by Guy Aroch

*  Jonny Wan does it his way.  He's a very talented chap, very affordable too so keep an eye on him

*  Fragment of 'The Company of Wolve's by Digital Designer Samuel Viani

*  Herr KL, don't you agree he looks like a big bad wolf, or these days, a skinny one at least

*  I never realised the size of the beasts.  I just assumed wolves were the size of the average dog.  Looks like you only need 1 for a coat, so I guess they are quite economical

*  I like this silly photomanipulation by Tiemons, a random find

*  And while we are on randomness, here is another treehouse, perfect for keeping grannies safe.  This is the Takasugi-an tea house by Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori .  The name means, “a tea house [built] too high.  Only accessible by freestanding ladders.  Photo by Edmund Sumner.  Thank you to for sharing!

It wouldn't be right to finish this post without the predictable wolves in sheeps' clothing gag, so I have included a pic of the chuckle brothers to finish off.  Brow(n)beaters

With thanks to all the wonderful woods I have walked in over the years

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