Thursday, 9 December 2010

PHOTO ESSAY - PROTEST (For my friend Insha'Allah)

*  Iranian Peace.  Foto
* Jews against Zionism 2009
*  Totally Immoral   Foto Marko Grguric
*  Fact or Fiction?

*  Cont financial crisis in UK 2009.
*  London town is burning down.  Heard today from MP's mouth: 'They'll soon forget.  Christmas is coming up.'
*  Lebanon.  Foto removed from picasaweb for violating terms of service.
*  Greenpeace protesters arrested after Mount Rushmore job.
*  'Real life Avatars' the Dongria Kondh fighting bauxite miners in Orissa, India.  Thank god for Hollywood.
*  G20.  Even the G's suffer inflation.
*  Reaction against sexual abuse cover up by Vatican protesters. Foto from
*  Cholera demonstration in Haiti.  Was the disease brought in by UN?  Foto Ryan Chavis
*  Welcome committee for Geert Wilders from the Dutch anti-Islam Freedom Party.  God bless freedom of speech
*  Ground zero mosque outrage.  Proof there is need for Cordoba House.
*  Tibetan Flag.   Foto Tlekshay
* Standing up for Kalahari Bushmen outside De Beers in London Nov 2010.
*  Public workers protest for better pay in South Africa, 2009.  They got it!  Foto ANP
*  Free Gaza march, London 2009.    Foto Alex Mannion-Jones
*  RIP Education for all.  That's progress.
*  Free Tibet action on Golden Gate Bridge.  Foto Frederic Larson for San Francisco Chronicle

*  Did he say 'Homersexuals'? 
*  Delhi's high court decriminalises homosexuality in 2009
*  They've pissed a lot of people off.  It could be anywhere, but it's Iran
*  UK doesn't allow burning things in the street.  Health & Safety nightmare.  You're bearly permitted a placard unless it's by prior agreement with police, incl agreement on maximum measurements
*  Respect for monks,democracy and liberty in Burma.   Foto International Network Street Papers
*  You find allsorts on a Dublin pavement
*  Kashmir solidarity day with Pakistan, Kashmir 2010.
*  Worl Naked Bike Ride 2010 in the UK.  Pedals not Petrol.
*  Rape used as a weapon against women and children.   Foto International Network Street Papers
*   Tamil voices call for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka in London 2009

But that's not all folks.  We are here.  Without wanting to sound like Michael Jackson, or worse still a wannabe hippie, we can make a change...

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Anna said...

the beautiful sun is quickly rising over the steep hills surrounding Port-au-Prince and the city is slowly waking up, still unsure of what today will be ... thank you for the perfect post to wake up to this morning .. People taking to the streets brings it home. There are some very angry people this side too, i am wondering when the Haiti elections 2010 will find some closure. We are kept in our houses to keep us safe so your clever analysis / comment and illustrations in your blog help me to start to piece some thoughts together ...

Keep em coming .. your posts (are starting to) make a lot of sense ... I love escaping into them .. particularly like when you introduced the fantasy world of Tenggren, also check out John Bauer ..

your Inshallah

Did you hear she has a new album out?