Wednesday, 11 May 2011

PUBLISHED WORK - Big girl's blouses

Men in tights are one thing.  Though I’m still unnerved and distracted by suspect packages at the ballet I’ve come to accept them.  But modern day man in a blouse?  I have to draw a thick line in indelible ink somewhere and that is the stage and Man Fatale Johnny Depp.

Then again, I’m not really a Brad Pitt lover and think Tom Cruise is a big girl’s blouse, I was briefly roused from my celebrity pin-up coma by both men (mostly the former I might add) in ‘Interview with a Vampire’.  I guess blood splattered poet shirts and pronounced canine teeth are my idea of hypothetical woof woof?

VIM (very important men) ruled countries, hearts and ears in baroque blouses.  ‘The sun shines out of my bottom’ Louis XIV at the court of Versailles, incarcerated libertine Marquis de Sade and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were all great fanciers of flounce and frills.   Today, it is unlikely that any likely lad will go there.   
So, it’s another one for us girls.  We hijacked it, made it superlative and rarely looked back to see if we were being followed by the undead.  We really can outwear any item of clothing.  Hands down

Excerpts from my time as fashion editor for AOL Lifestyle, now Huffington Post
Online fashion gallery pics no longer available

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