Monday, 16 May 2011


A friend of mine harboured fantasies of catching Prince Willies eye while they shared lectures at St Andrew’s, where their story never began.   She would have made a super princess, being both refined and photogenic with cascading waves of glossy mane, a regal smile and blemish free skin in a discreet hue.  She was au fait with high society etiquette and despite her tender age she exuded reserved lady in a way that is generally associated with a long descent of noblesse with its own coat of arms.
The Cinderella flavour of this story would have been too overpowering, however.  Though the slipper fit, our girl hails from a humble terraced home in a dreary Berkshire commuter town, not a modest country estate with room for a pony.  There is middle class, then there’s Middleton.
Most of us grow out of our enchantment by all things princess with the arrival of adolescence.  Or do we?  After all, are we not still trying to manoeuvre our submarine feet into slim line slippers, namely ballet pumps?  Though we are not ugly, sisters, we are certainly suffering from flat shoe malaise.  The ballet pump has left chic for cheap.  Prolific does not make for magnifique.   High insteps, bunions, wayward big toes and wide feet result in a shoddy fit, a far cry from dainty.
Come on girls, we’ve got bigger shoes to fill!  Keep your toes on the pulse and let the prince in the fairytale inspire you to walk away from ballet flatliners and step out in something more masculine.

Excerpts from my time as fashion editor for AOL Lifestyle, now Huffington Post
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