Monday, 30 May 2011

PUBLISHED WORK - Nautical for Lifestyle

Once upon a time, bourgeois women parked their yachts in Porto Cervo, Sardinia; disembarked their Trojan seahorses shielded from the hoi polloi by Gucci sunglasses, protected from undesirable shoulder rubbing with sweaty locals by larger-than-life Birkin bags and as they were walking on sunshine in Tod’s loafers, they signalled their presence to tribe members in easily identifiable Breton tops.

As our island gently bobs on the currents of various seas, its passengers have also developed an affinity for nautical fashion, but on a mass scale.  From rich to poor, come rain or shine, in winter or summer, at the seaside or in the heart of the land, women up and down the country are going about their daily business in fisherman stripes.  It’s hardly surprising really.  Fashion editors have burnt it onto every retina that cares to look at a glossy page.  Repeat like a pirate’s parrot:  ‘The Breton top is a classic.  If you don’t have one, you’re a fashion Neanderthal.’

As far as I’m concerned, overexposure hasn’t done its credibility any good.  Classic has become synonymous with boring.  So this year, lets really push the boat out, cast our nets wide and catch something more imaginative!

Excerpts from my time as fashion editor for AOL Lifestyle, now Huffington Post
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