Wednesday, 22 February 2012

SNIPPETS & PHOTO ESSAY - Flipping the bird

Did I mention Grotesquo tried to charge me the every day rate for the Rooibos Tea (see Best Make Yourself a Cuppa)?  The scoundrels.  Would anyone buy four boxes at 'vulle pot' (Oostends, which is my regional Flemish dialect and a dapper peer of Newcastle's Geordie, the literal translation being 'full pot', meaning full price).  I was onto that like a dog with rabies.  Made me feel like showing them the proverbial finger.

Speaking of which, I don't care much for celebrity life or award ceremonies, but the BBC told me first thing that Adele did just that at the Brits last night?  Something about sticking it to the suits?  Never been a fan of imposed dress codes me.

Flipping someone off is an ancient gesture that has still not fallen out of favour with those of a flighty, aggressive nature. Or those trying to up their down-in-the-gutter street cred, like Avril Lavigne (she came up quite a bit when I was researching this piece. Sucker).

In case you didn't know but wanted to, the naughty digit emulates willies and erm, penetration (please granny don't be reading this, or look at the pictures below).  Hence it is rather rude and to the point without even pointing.  Here are some of my favourite middle fingers.

* Don't know who,what or when, just liked the look of this sassy lassie!

* Artist Shohei Otomo only draws with Paper Mate ballpoint pens, more goodies on his site but you might need to brush up on your Japanese to find your way around

* This gorilla dude would look smashing on the cover of Italian Blogue (Bloke Vogue) aka L'Uomo

* Keith Richards photographed by Francesco Carrozzini, the pic on the right that is.  I realise that he is not making rude gestures but he probably meant to and he has got the most dramatic hands, gnarly like an ancient willow.  They remind me of the pencil portrait Durer made of his mother.

* A surprisingly elegant and delicate photo (and hopefully not doctored?) from the unnecessarily harshly titled website  Reespec to the starling murmuratiom.  Birds literally flipping the bird.  Well fancy that.

* Taylor Warren photographed by Jason Lee Parry for the cover of NO magazine

* Kristen Stewart caught on camera behind the scenes of a Vanity Fair shoot.  She is not actually directing her salope salute at Uncle Karl while he looks the other way (what would be the point, the man has eyes in the back of his head, clearly), but it amuses me to think she is.  Two vampires in a pod.  Herr Lagerfeld has to be one, clearly.  He has so many projects on the go he can't have slept in decades.  Clearly.

* Massimo Dogana combines his love of middle fingers and shoes to come up with some extraordinary creations.  That I wouldn't be seen dead in.  This one reminds me of a dog turd and a late night hot dog from the seller on Oxford Circus.  Ashanti is a fan.  Apparantly.  Good for her

* This man tickled my tramp fetish, like a young De Niro.  Thanks goes out to Garett Harwood's photobucket for providing my playboy of the day

* Miguel Androver's hat is almost as entertaining as the spelling on his biography.  Still: 'Chapeau', I say.  Hats off to the boy who left school at twelve and only started designing at the age of thirty.  Means there is hope for me still

 * More impressive skills from Tokyo artist Shohei Otomo

* I like this girl's tattoos and I bet she does a pretty middle finger.  I am in the process of getting myself inked again so I am allowed to indulge myself with the occasional irrelevant picture.  And if you don't like it, you know what...

* M.I.A., obviously a finger lover, causing controversy at the Superbowl.  Might send her a box of Cadbury's chocolate fingers

* Marc Barer has some awesome rings and not just for middle fingers.  Available on Etsy

*GaGa,like the Scarlet Pimpernel, prefers to go incognito.  Foto from

* There is no denying it.  I am a quarter geek and this is the kind of thing geeks go for.  Found on

* This lady has a formidable bottom and a quiet sort of confidence.  There is tat and then there's tatty.  Only on poorlydressed

* Buddy Holly and Waylon Jenning.  And someone to their right who got carried away trying to be cool hanging with the kids

PS  Grotesquo refunded me within the hour and called to apologise.  I am either extremely eloquent or terribly terrifying.  I suspect a combination of both

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