Sunday, 19 February 2012

INTIMATIONS - Mulberry v Trollhunter

Okay, I've been quite preoccupied with a second round of baby vomit stained clothes and have not had my rigorous eye on the scene for a while, and admittedly it does take me some time to warm up to certain catwalk offerings, being in the conservative camp an' all (no, I won't jump on the bandwagon, even if Devendra Banhart is driving it, unless he can prove he has adequate insurance of course) but SWEET JESUS, it is highly unlikely that I will appreciate Mulberry's latest 'aesthetic' this side of the grave.  Grave being the operative word, for that is how I feel about putting unfortunately furry creatures six feet under to get one over.

Ahh.  Our nation of animal lovers.  Walk the dog or wear it, there is not much in it really.  Is there? Pic

I realise that times are tough for the fur trappers of Siberia, but I doubt Emma Hill watched Werner Herzog's 'Happy People' and then resolved to give the good folk of Taiga a break.

The most important lesson one can learn from Masterchef?  When a dish isn't up to scratch, don't serve it.  Especially when the strongest, least evil looks came out off a Christopher Kane show ten seasons ago.


Anyone who buys new fur in this 'our age of intelligence' is not only a moron, but also a troll, with three heads that are just appendages devoid of squelchy grey matter.   And Hans is going to turn you to stone.  Then again, your heart already is...

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