Sunday, 21 October 2012

WWFW - Excuse me while I kiss the Sky

These days I spend most of my life with my head in the cumulonimbus clouds but my feet firmly on the ground.  Yep.  With the advent of kids, heels, like time, are a thing of the past.  They are dangerous for starters.  When I last donned a pair of suede pointy courts, the kind you might find in a Hitchcock remake, I had eggs thrown at me.  The local riffraff don’t like anyone to step out of their white Reebok line.  For the brief few hours this year where I dressed as myself rather than mum, the nitwits perceived me as a lady who shops then drops into a bed of roses rather than a woman who mops, desperately balanced on the edge of reason.  Why they felt compelled to humiliate and threaten me in front of my children?  Did they see me and hear MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t touch this’ ringing in their ears?   All hail Cameron’s Big Society.  Big losers that continuously need to readjust their pitiful tackle and their musty must’ve balls in their baggy trackies in order to attract a measly sprat maybe. 

Thankfully, I can and do dream (I always did excel at reverie) and these are my ticket to a big old fashioned snog with some little fluffy clouds

So delicious I want to lick them.  Even if they picked up some Staffie gold on their outing.  Nicolas Kirkwood, £1,125
 Perfect for kicking imbeciles up the behind.  Pierre Hardy, £815
Camouflage for the urban jungle.  Nobody would spot me in these.  Brian Atwood, £525

I would put my foot in it as often as I could.  Yves Saint Laurent, £630
Not even Usain Bolt could catch me up in these run-for-it shoes.  Stella(r) McCartney, £465
If they think I'm a ho, they might just leave me alone.  Christian Louboutin, £635
All at  I'm obsessed. I need to get a job with nap!

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disneyrollergirl said...

Gorgeous Atwoods, don't let those b*stards get you down ! XX