Wednesday, 29 May 2013

INTIMATIONS - head case

am i breaking your fleur shaped bubble if i tell you that i utterly despise two fat ladies day at royal ascot and would rather sit in the strip search lights of a gala bingo hall for the duration?  it would seem that tomorrow is the big headed day of dicks and crutches.  who will be crowned the most idiotic show off of 2013 by fashion connoisseur investec, official shirt sponsor of the tottenham hotspur football club for all cup games 2012/13?  luckily this elite bank is rather clued up when it comes to wealth management, their audience having more money than sense and needing all the help a 'black card' can't buy.  i mean, which lucid soul would don an oversized 99p flake on their silly little noggin (freya berry, but then she was paid by fredericks ice cream so who is laughing now?)  investec's further expertise includes 'mitigation of inheritance tax' to help deliver whitnails from flamboyantly filthy camden flats as well as 'offshore investments' (if i were ian hislop i would sneak in  a libelous tax dodging comment here, but seeing as i don't have his caliber of lawyer, or any kind of legal representation, i wont).  the investec manifesto promises to infest globally, think silly and act originally on behalf of their clients

i hope it hails on this parody

on a headier note, hats off to supremo philip treacy who shows us that plagiarism is the crux of the mad hatter matter, borrowing ideas left right and center to tremendous result.  lets play a game: how many artists can you identify as a source of inspiration? answers in comments please!  i will give you a clue on the closing image, it's not georgia o'keeffe

you will note that the the first set of images features some tribal children.  perhaps they look glum because the chinese government has lumbered 56 minority groups under the miao umbrella even though they are mostly unrelated both linguistically and culturally.  there are just too many peoples in the  people's republic of china to merit distinction

to close this chapter in glossary i want to share an insightful portrait of the now sadly meta-rather-than-mega physical style stalwart isabella blow.  noble & webster's light sculpture captures blow's prowess for drama, her hawks eye for striking talent, her unabridged flamboyance and poignantly dark persona.  she championed not just treacy but also alex mcqueen from the off the scale.  tales are occasionally told to industry insiders by chauffeurs about the volatile entity that would blow its fuse into a flood of tears in the backs of lonely company cars.  this head strong muse really was larger than life.  another of my heroes i will never be able to express my admiration to.  which reminds me, must get that proposal to tim burton underway.  if the children ever stop wittering long enough for me to gather my unstructured thoughts

rip isabella blow november 1958 - may 2007

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