Monday, 11 November 2013

PHOTO ESSAY - Chernobyl (there was 1984... and then there was 1986)

The below photographs show Pripyat, Ukraine, site of the nuclear disaster 30 years ago.  I have long had a fascination for this place and hope to visit one day to pay my respects.  I feel connected to Pripyat but I don't know exactly why.  For me there is a solemn poetry in this images.  I feel tremendously inspired both creatively and emotionally by them.  Each one is a poignant work of art in light, composition and soul.  A good reminder why we shouldn't mess with atoms

cradles by oded balilty at

concert hall by quintin lake at

dolls head by nigel burton

lenin by quintin lake
school by cecile muller

room with a view by quintin lake

Soviet film maker Andrei Tarkovsky died in 1986, the same year of the accident.  His masterpiece is 'Stalker' hails from 1979, but to me it is an epiphany of Nostradamus scale.  It is like Andrei knew Chernobyl would happen.  This film changed me.  Don't expect entertainment, just an incredible, life changing journey

Here is a fragment

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