Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SUPER SHARP SHOOTERS - maxwell snow (judgement reserved)

this guy could just be a more mystical, less brazen terry richardson with the amount of shaven havens in his repertoire, especially as he also has a penchant for sharing his private member to those not even in the club, but there is something beguiling simple and romantically dark (note: my idea of romantic is more john waters than most) about some of his americana images and he doesn't look like a complete spineless nob so lets release him to the space-time continuum and review our opinion in due course.  i am certainly impressed by his 'jesus is showing me amazing things' study

PS: a long sentence that still makes sense;  maybe i should moonlight as speech writer for some tory twit? or plain moon instead!

excerpt from the 'black magic' series

from 'it's only castles burning'

 joan of arc from 'it's only castles burning'

from the not so random selection that is aptly titled 'misc'
couldn't have put it better myself and i'm pretty good at putting
on snow's colour debut: when fashion photography it is one step removed from itself, it is actually one step ahead
styling vanessa traina, model ikeliene stange, hair tamara mcnaughton, make-up hung van ngo for purple magazine

'it's only castles burning'

from 'kkk'

the man himself, see, totally trustworthy with an amish beard
foto by tamara weber
if this resonates, more on maxwell snow

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