Friday, 10 January 2014

SUPER SHARP SHOOTERS - claudine doury

the subtle transition between colour and form in doury's film photography blur not just the boundaries between humans and their milieu, but also those between reverie and reality.  i am balled over by these images, which allude to harsh realities often experienced in barren landscapes.  though the below photos glimpse into stark traditions and laden youth, they are captured in remarkably gentle spirit. the absence of brutality (often synonymous with modern age reporting of the human condition) conveys an underlying respect for the subject, after all life is bigger than the people that live it, often towering over them and thus beyond their control, but it is nevertheless a personal experience and therefore beggars respect.  doury documents without prejudice.  the results are optimism against the odds, creativity out of boredom, movement out of constraint.  we are all equal in the eye of the lens, more so than in death

recolte de coton, kokand, kz
silkhon, khizijar, kz
assiel, barskoon, kg
from 'sasha' body of work
le camp ritchnoi #1
le camp ritchnoi #1
fairouz, boukhara, uz
le cirque, tachkent, uz
malika, samarkand, uz
le port, aralsk, kz

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