Thursday, 25 June 2015

WWFW - WEDDING BELLES (ding dong; you can bet your bottom dollar!)

a very good friend of mine is getting hitched in a couple of months.  she is ridiculously resourceful and energetic as they come, so she is making the whole thing happen on a shoe string (albeit a slightly longer one than usual), not the £21k i have been reading about today.

talking of silly money, turns out that wedding guests are looking at £500 and seeing it disappear like a flash in the pan when it comes to attending nuptials.  according to the daily mail, the outfit alone comes in at a whopping £210 (£100 on a dress, £50 on shoes, £60 on accessories).  

so in the spirit of my clever friend, and in honour of her efforts, i have put together 5 at 50.  festive for less!  i have a favourite.  can you guess which i will actually wear?

all items available at the time of writing!

dress, £15, mela loves london at hof - blazer, £19.99, mango - purse, £2 - heels, £10 - bangles, £3, all new look

culottes, £16, therapy at hof - tshirt, £4.99, mango - heels, £20, dorothy perkins - necklace, £9, new look

hair band, £3, new look - playsuit, £28, jane norman - bracelet, £2.50, miss selfridge - shoes, £15, new look - green socks, £1, dorothy perkins

shirt, £9.99, mango - clutch, £7, new look - peg trousers, £7, dorothy perkins - shoes, £20, miss selfridge, trilby, £5.60, accessorize

coat, £20, warehouse - dress, £10.50, therapy both at hof - purse, £3.75, new look - shoes, £17, dorothy perkins at debenhams

if you are pernickety enough to do the sums, you will soon discover that i am a whole £1.25 over budget on the last outfit.  my tyrannical ex editor would have sent me packing, but i am the boss around here and i like bananas, high in potassium and thus essential for lowering my rocketing blood pressure

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