Monday, 21 December 2015


I guess this is the Welcome mat for you to wipe your muddy feet on as you enter WWFW (What Would Fleur Wear).  I must be forward at this stage and demand that Uggs are left at the door, pref outside. This is not just due to the smell of bare foot rubbing up against sheepskin until the sole has worn away (approx 8 months according to my research), but as the name has illustrated since the beginning, they is just friggin ugly and quite frankly offend me.

Now formalities are out of the way: hello and welcome to WWFW - CSS.  If you are looking for the Cascade Style Sheet fan page, I'm afraid you have come to the wrong place.  There will only be style on these pages, perhaps the odd bit of cascading lace.  There is absolutely nothing about sheets or any other bedding, however.  But stick around anyway, because style is for you too.  It is for everyone who has the luxury to think about such things, rather than spending every resource on survival.

Perhaps you are Cansei de ser sexy (tired of being sexy), as the 2005 album of Brazillian band CSS suggests?  I certainly am tired of the bland diet of psuedo-provocative imagery that is forced into almost every orifice on a daily basis.  Though I am on a par with their sarcastic take, this is not their fan page either. Sorry, though, again, f you were looking for it, you may as well stay, because I think we will get along.  I am an artist too.

Like many of you, I may have lost the invincibility of youth, but my sense of style remains strong. Against the odds I may add.  I am not an IT girl, if you could not tell by my CSS joke, my techie skills are rather limited edition.  I am not an IT girl; my plastic is just that: plastic, not gold or American.  I am not an IT girl; I am i fact middle aged.  I have two kids to boot, so can barely afford shoes for myself.  Everything I have is vintage (iow it has been hanging pretty in my wardrobe for 10 years and more) or secondhand (though judging by the musty smell, thirdhand, which makes it all the more must-have for me).  I am not an IT girl; everything I you see before you I sourced myself. There are no designer backers in my camp, and no pun intended about designers being camp, but now you mention it...  Nope.  I am not an IT girl; I am a free agent.  Admittedly, due to my age, I do have a fair amount of non Louis Vuitton emblazoned baggage (lets just say that the excess charges on me boarding an Easyjet would probably equal a pair of these Valentino lovelies weighing in at a hefty £777, and that is just for a flight to Manchester!).  But, back to the point, seeing as the point is back in fashion (mercilessly kicking the almond toe into the kerbside), I am pushing nobody's corner.  I am endorsing nothing but high fashion style on a rock bottom budgets.  You could say that this makes me an innocent of fashion, no mean feat considering I spent 6 years in the mean industry!

I left the fashion business because I was bored.  Bored of pushing shoes.  Bored of running in borrowed heels.  Bored of being pushed around by other pushers (fashion pimps are legal in this business).  Bored of having the joy and fun sucked out of something that is 100% frivolity.  I will NEVER EVER get serious about fashion.  But I have always been serious about ethics.  The fashion industry is the opposite.  Serious about consuming, nonchalant about morals.  And I left because I felt guilty about being a cog in the relentless, merciless consumption machine.

So if you are no IT girl either, and you get equally irate about hip young things shaking their hip young booty in your face with a lot of help from their benefactors (bank of mum and dad and/or bank of freebie endorsement) and without a care in or for the world, then join my army of 'we are still fucking alive and we look good too'!  Come on already.  You might be dead this time next year, so who cares what the neighbours think.  Best foot forward.  Forward.  March!  Rellishment!  This is the way of the Charitable Status Symbol (CSS)

vintage maroon single breasted velvet smoking jacket
70s blue denim bootcut dungarees
cream silk blouse
red leather wooden platform sandals
flower headband

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