Saturday, 2 April 2016

WWFW - LOOK 2 (Rejects; takes one to know one)

Welcome back to WWFW (What Would Fleur Wear).  Look out for a new post every Tuesday!

I have been asked about the ins and outs of my wardrobe for years.  For those of you who are still eagerly awaiting some info, I can finally reveal: It is mostly ins!

I am Hoarder.  If you have ever been invited into Fleur's emporium, you will know this.  You may liken the experience to the Golden Ticket.  I used to own an army jacket that said : 'If your name ain't on the list, you ain't coming in' and barely anyone does (according to blogger 'bearly' is not a word so went for its comic twin)!  I hardly allow any physical person in my unofficial museum, but for some reason a million strangers feels kind of ok?!  It takes a certain level of trust to admit to the admitted without ever even speaking.  This much is obvious: give me a room and I will fill it.  With Victorian curios, interesting twigs, antique books, picture frames, posters I'll never frame, broken dolls, objet trouve, peculiarities from somewhere on the globe or beyond, creative manifestations of my children's making, old curtains, exciting paper I may put to use one day, nature's offerings like feathers, stones, seeds, skulls & bones, pine cones, deceased bees, anxiety and so on and on and on and on.  My other half manages my habit with good grace, even when I extended my leaning tower of totally 'tastic not tat to 19th Century Japanese porcelain and hunting memorabilia.  He understands the irony.  We are both vehemently opposed to hunting.  And mindless consumption.  And the 19th Century.  Obvs.  Indeed, I also collect nonsense. It has control over much of my brain function.  I wonder if there exists a correlation between the physical and the metaphysical paraphernalia?

Now this kind of loot does not present itself in neat arrangements.  I use my keen eye wherever I go to collect objects and/or images.  I realised today that I am actually always on duty.  I guess this is bordering on obsession? Yet it stems not from greed.  I have no interest in £20k croc Hermes bags.  I have 0 items of MAC cosmetics.  In fact my make up is so old that one could probably discover a long extinct organism thriving once again.  Using the retro kid's microscope in my cabinet I can prove this to you.  But you are there and I am here so let's not dwell on it.

I am running a vintage fashion store from my bedroom.  I think, like that other iconic Belgian Audrey Hepburn, I just have this intense need to love and be loved.  Ever since the tender age of 7 have I rescued injured birds, kept them under my desk at school, and then walked miles to deliver them to the rescue center on the other side of town... and walk back miles the next day often to learn that my avian had succumbed.   I am Rescuer then, not Hoarder.  Put that in your pigeon hole and smoke it! Ensure the pigeon isn't in it first though, yeah?!  I love anything that has been rejected but still retains a soul.  Sometimes I can hear it.  Today, I almost rehomed a 1970s hand painted Tyrolean wooden chap who had lost both hair and beard in his 40 year ordeal.  He looked so sad I think I saw a tear in his staring eye.  But I am very aware of my impulses and I resisted.  He lays tonight, in a Tupperware box of lesser beings, pining for a home, love, belonging.

We all need to belong.  It is our anchor.  I am laden with stuff.  They are my belongings

VICTORIAN DANDY look comprising of:

black cord trench coat, M&S (with snazzy purple stripe silk lining!)
vintage Victorian frill blouse
jeans, Topshop (I wear these most days, my only new, full price item from 2015)
shoes, & Other Stories from TK Maxx clearance shelves
skull bracelet, the Hallowe'en shop
vintage marcasite bracelet
gold plated earrings
rings, welded on from years of wear

Come check out the Rebellishment style agency and online store!  New stock every Friday :)

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