Tuesday, 7 February 2017


I love PHANTOM FASHION WEEK.  Much more satisfactory than the real thing.  I can wear what ever the hell I want without the disapproval of a paranoid editor breathing down my back.  I don't need a crummy Saturday job at a Notting Hill estate agent so I can afford to buy some new H&M fodder. I don't have to witness every woman around me going through an intense personal crisis under the pressure of which row and shoes she is in.  I can even forget about keeping warm, because that really is a major concern standing in line outside, exposed to whatever the atmosphere throws at you; sleet, envious looks, aspersions, fag buts or arsehole kisses.

I will never forget my first fashion week.  I was chomping at the Gucci bit, hyperventilating at the hipster happening, my jaded peers looking down on me because I was enthralled by the spectacular. I stood next to Juliette Lewis that first time!  But they soon beat the joy out of it, like everything else that involves working at a top glossy.  It just ins't cool to look like you are having fun.  Or like you are happy.  Smiling is for simpletons, pouting is the pose.

10 years on and times are even tougher.  Real tuff.  This time round the commercial extravaganza that is Nueva York Fashion Week needs to be approached with a newfound prudence.  The economy is a question mark, so I have only fantasy shopped the Net a Porter sale this time.  I didn't even look at the full price merch.  All highly affordable gear... ahem.  I also set myself a tight brief: 'under the radar', as it will take a certain level of shrewdness to make it past security.  It was pretty tricky when I tried a decade ago, let alone in the current climate!  400 year old gypsy blood pulsates through these veins and the muscular sniffer dogs will salivate at my heels.  Must.  Keep.  Low.  Profile.

Under the radar?!  Whatever!  I am not going incognito.  Smells like team spirit and eat my dust hound dogs.  If I go down, it will be in Fleur style!

Nothing says 'civil obedience' like a nose ring.  This Givenchy one will sock it to them hard.

Lace panel silk blend chiffon dress, was £6400 now £4480, Elie Saab
Mastodon cotton & silk blend coat, was £1615 now £808, Rick Owens
Vegan patent boots, was £415 now £166, Stella McCartney
Textured leather shoulder bag, was £580 ow £290, Versace
Sublime nose ring, was £140 now £70, Givenchy
Gold plated Swarovski crystal cuff, was £305 now £92, Paula Mendoza

It's just another day in the black art of lying.  I will put a spell on you.  Yes this is fucking political!

Atena fringe headband, was £255 now £128, Rosantica
Lace up leather sandals, was £870 now £264, Francesco Russo
Embroidered organza cape, was £3360 now £1344, Erdem
Metallic coated jeans, was £210 now £84, Etoile Isabel Marant
Wool blend turtleneck, was £245 now £172, Joseph
                                 Textured leather shoulder bag, was £580 now £290, Versace

J'adore the Versace bag so will be taking it everywhere I go this week!  All prices and links correct at the time of 'publish'.  Clicking the link will take you directly to the item page on Net a Porter.

Tune in tomorrow for NY FASHION WK LOOKS 3 & 4!

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