Monday, 13 February 2017


It is LFW!  So I am flying to Berlin tomorrow.  Whilst committing a crime against fashion none the less!  It is -6 there and I don't have footwear to suit such barbaric temperatures.  This is a major concern because I have delicate princess toes with extremely limited circulation.  Drastic times call for drastic measures.  It is either potentially having a few toes amputated, or, and I never thought that it would come to this, borrowing my sister's fUGG (fake UGGS) boots.  I think she loathes them as much as I do now, but lucky for me, she still has a pair stashed from when she was just a teenager. They come out in emergencies only and this certainly is one!  Sis, if you are reading this, I am taking your fUGGS to Berlin!

Now the question is, can I wear my velvet 1970s floor length cape with UGG boots?  Or my 70s Laura Ashley dress?  My teddy coat?  Camel cashmere?  As I mentally swipe through my extensive collection, I reestablish that nothing at all is compatible with these things.  Can UGGS ever look good?  I can style anything into wearable, even a holographic shell suit, but UGGS?  I wanted to see if anyone else had managed it so I trawled far and wide to gather evidence and the verdict is OUT OUT OUT!

The typical UGG look below repulses me.  Sorry gals.  Cheesy yet tasteless and totally tacky.  Everything I expect from the UGG look.  And the opposite of who I am or where I want to be!
And when beautiful, stylish clone women wear them, they still spoil the ensemble.
Oh god.  I am going to Berlin as a sloppy English dog's dinner.  But I will get to keep all my toes. At least on the inside I will be my usual flamboyant self.  I know.  I will take lipstick so nobody even notices my feet!
See you next week!

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You look stunning, I don't think these pair of shoes are that bad that you have to ask for opinion on what to wear with them. Go for it girl.