Wednesday, 8 March 2017


As an International Woman and a Pisces, I feel like a fish out of water in this blistering barnacle brexit debacle.   So on this special day, I want to celebrate my inner girliness,which is often smothered by layers of serious concern for my family, my environment, my future and the damn blatant injustice of finance and governance.

I've been doing what NASA terms 'in situ resource utilisation', or what I call 'window shopping without getting wet with a steady flow of tea, a hot water bottle in the shape of a fluffy Ragdoll cat and much decreased chances of catching a very common cold'.  I decided to visit the 3 high street stores that I frequented when I was a girl.  There was no H&M in the UK when I was a teenager so I was too cool for school when I returned from my holidays in Belgium kited out in Hennes finest.  All 3 shops are still associated with affordable, young fashion but have plenty to offer for the style conscious woman over thirty, if only they would look!  Lets put the fun back in fun da mental and include a few throwbacks that I recognise from my teenage years! I tell ya; fashion pivots on an axis of 20 years.  I tell ya 2; fashion and politics is a winning mix


Black military blazer, was £34.99 now £11


Rose gold pineapple clutch, was £35 now £17.50
Chartreuse Pom beanie, was £12 now £6

H & M

Satin skirt, £29.99
Digital watch, £14.99
Mini hoop earrings, £5.99 for 3 pairs

All items in stock, prices correct and links working at time of publishing.  I would love to know if you buy anything!

See you next week!


custom essays writing said...

These are really nice items. I'm loving the shiny hand bag and those earings. But, that dress is a must have for me. Thanks for posting.

PGA Tour said...

Fabulous styles and designs. And I am also liking the rates. I am definitely buying the shimmering sandles and Mini hoop earings !